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Refers obliquely to the torso of men who have 6-pack abs. After Haru stayed over at his home the two got on a friendly bases that when they met again during the Jeju Island trip she showed her concern for him when he was too busy to eat.

An expression of disbelief and annoyance. Junu, Junseo Afraid of dogs brothers Junu and Junseo are both afraid of dogs.

She is overly ecstatic when the Jang's gift to her a Minnie plush and T-shirt. Hwijae, Seoeon The crybaby In early episodes, If Seoeon is far from dad or someone else besides dad is holding him, Seoeon will cry non-stop. While visiting a traditional Korean sauna, Seoeon pulled on older girls to play with him.

Korean word meaning "older sister" used by males related or not, speaking to an older woman or girl. Someone who acts childish, using a lot of aegyo.

He is willing to make the sacrifice so his sons can become athletes. Both fight about toys, food and playing with other children but they always end up making up with a kiss at the end. Seoeon also does not like the sight of his mother hugging someone else even if it is his father.

A platonic, close friendship between two actors or idols that appears to be almost romantic, stimulating massive feels production in all who look upon it. Her budding friendship with Manse continued when she visited the Song's home in South Korea and once again Manse showed his adoration for her.

Whenever Junu is in the same room with her she gravitates towards him and calls for "Junu oppa" to get his full attention on her. Den as a trainee, and now as an idol. Her favorite place to visit is the aquarium or any place that lets people fish. However, Hyejung admits that she liked Tablo more and chased after him in the beginning of their romance.

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Also the title for a K-pop show on Mnet. Whenever Il-kook is chasing after either Minguk or Manse, Daehan is always given the responsibility to hold on to or look after one of his brothers while Il-kook looks for the other.

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If there is an adult in need of help she is always willing to lend a hand. Whenever he meets up with a friend that has children he never shows up empty handed, always making sure each child receives a gift.

He sometimes brings her into his recording studio and she occasionally raps with him. You may find another member to be "best looking," but technically by industry standards he or she is no match for the assigned "visual. Many people have dates there and a very popular item on sale there are animal ear hairbands.

This term means "senior" in Korean, and is most often used in a school setting. For his first professional haircut he stayed quietly still for the stylist to quickly cut his hair nicely. Major K-drama moments usually take place under these tents which may include but are not limited to: Minguk Aegyo prince Unlike his two brothers Daehan and Manse who like to rough house, Minguk communicates with others by showing his cuteness.

Junu Baby lover Even though he is only in his pre-teens, Junu has shown that he has a soft spot for babies and toddlers. You will most often find him in Japan singing, in Korea filming awesome movies and dramas, and on social media sites posting strange yet hilarious selcas.

In episode 57, when the Songs visited the Choos in Japan, Sarang originally showed more interest in Minguk before meeting them as she would always mention Minguk's name first but it was Manse's eagerness to play with her and showering her with love and attention that won her over.

A short, often sped up animated clip, usually of something funny or sexy that lets you watch it over and over and over. Sometimes crazy, sometimes weird, but always cute commercial starring your favorite K-drama and K-pop stars. When Hwijae brought the twins to a fish market, Soejun showed no fear touching and asking about all the sea creatures at the market.

They were tart and sour just like yogurt, and spitefully schemed to ruin the main couple. Il-kook, Daehan, Minguk, Manse The new big eaters The Song boys have showed that they have really big appetites when father and sons downed 8 orders of dumplings which contained 10 pieces in each serving during one sitting at a mandu restaurant.

The sight of his mother hugging someone else will bring a burst of loudness from Seoeon.Ji Chang-wook (born July 5, ) is a South Korean actor. He rose to fame playing the leading role of Dong-hae in daily drama series Smile Again (–), and has since had roles in Warrior Baek Dong-soo () and Empress Ki (–).

VIEWER WARNING: this song will get stuck in your head so if you really don’t like aegyo, don’t watch this video!

Korean Aegyo Phrases and Words Here is a summary list of common Korean aegyo phrases and words. If you are impressed by somebody’s aegyo, then you can say ‘귀여워요’ (gyiyowoyo) which means ‘cute’ in Korean (dictionary form: 귀엽다).

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As you might have guessed, this post will use a lot of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. 41 rows · The Return of Superman (Hangul: 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다; also known as. Watch video · Choding: Someone who acts childish, using a lot of aegyo.

Comeback: Whether a group or performer is out of the limelight for years, months, or just a couple weeks, you can bet that when they return with a new project it'll be called their comeback. HIGH SCHOOL - LOVE ON. (watching on viki)Nam Woohyun, Lee Sungyeol Kim Sae Ron.

I didn't plan to watch this but happened upon the first episode on .

How to write aegyo in hangul viewer
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